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Friday, June 7

Separation of Church and State

Illinois like other states had swiping abortion law changes. The changes in the new laws in Illinois will make it easier for abortions and will allow for later term abortions as well.

With these changes in the law, there is an actually a Catholic Bishop standing up! He announced that lawmakers that voted the recent bill will not be allowed to receive communion.

Of course, my local news outlet posted about what the Catholic Bishop did on their Facebook page and many commented with "separation of Church and State".

My first thoughts after seeing all these comments about "separation of Church and State":

Thursday, June 6

The Next Chapter

My son, Scout or Superstar as my older readers may remember me calling him, graduated from high school! He for the second summer in a row will be gone all summer - leaves little over a week from now and will not be back until the Sunday before school starts. He for the second summer in a row will be working at a BSA camp. Last year he worked as a merit badge counselor, this summer he will be a line cook. He's super excited about being a line cook because in the fall he will be going to a local technical college to study culinary.

This means my daughter Cadet or Web-Princess as my older readers may remember me calling her, will be starting her senior year of high school. She wants to homeschool all year this last year -- right now we are on a little break; she is just chilling and doing her thing. I'm focusing on my son and helping him finish up his BSA Eagle project before he leaves for camp and ages out.

With the kids getting older and approaching college I have decided it's time for me to think about what I'm going to be doing for my next chapter. That next chapter for me is doing virtual assistant work. I have a Facebook page started https://www.facebook.com/assistancebynichole and been reading up everything I can on being a virtual assistant, running your own business, and everything else related.

I'm looking forward to this next chapter! 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click on a link and purchase something. See our full disclosure policy for more details.

Sunday, May 19

Thankful; Not to be

Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you know who the Duggars are!  Society or at least social media can be so cruel. To the Duggar women -- those born into the family and those married into the family.

Scrolling through the Google news app on my phone and I stumbled upon an article about a wife of one of the Duggar men.  This article pointed out how the wife was 19 when she got married, has only been married for the last 20 months and are already expecting baby number 2. -- an issue she's too young.  Likewise, the eldest Duggar daughter is just under 30 and is often criticized for being single still, no husband, no children. Seriously, you can't have it both ways, people!

Monday, May 13

Playboy and Homeschooling?

In my nearly 12 years of homeschooling I never in a million years would think I would be talking about or sharing my thoughts about a homeschooling article that showed up in Playboy of all places.

Sure, I thought I would be sharing things like how to filter the internet, how to protect kids eyes from porn, but never thought I would actually be talking about an article in Playboy.

Yes, Playboy actually has articles and sometimes it can be even informative or misinformative, but the articles do at times bleed through and matter to people and you may be surprised what kinds of articles have been published in the magazine over the years. For example,  Playboy did an interview with Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, April 29

Leftist Feminism: Scouting

I know not everyone agrees with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and their current stands on many issues including the most recent change that started earlier this calendar year: Allowing girls into its flagship program commonly known as "boy scouting".

This post isn't so much about if BSA should have allowed that or not. At my core, I'm of the mindset that a private organization, such as BSA, has the right to decide who can be apart of their group and who is not eligible. I'm of the mindset that if a group of people does not like a particular group's rules instead of bullying them and pressuring them to change they should start a group that meets their needs and values. Example: That's how Trail Life USA, Heritage Girls, and other scouting groups came to be.

Friday, April 5

Yes, I can issue my child a diploma

You never know when homeschooling, graduation requirements, diplomas will come up in discussions.

The other night, at scouts I was talking to one of the other adults about it. I even mentioned how I could scribble out something in crayon on a napkin and it would be valid and legal.  Of course, I wouldn't because no employer would take that seriously.

The other parent was just floored that I could just issue my child a diploma. That I don't have to submit them to some kind of test, registration, etc.