Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Plant A Pencil?

Plant A Pencil?
Scrolling around on Facebook I came across a pencil that you can plant and it will grow into a plant.
This brought back memories of when we planted socks, images of little ones wanting to plant coins to grow a money tree or planting jelly beans and other candies to grow candy plants.

While the idea is a novelty and I admit I want to buy the (affiliate link) herb pencils. It seems a bit silly. If you decide to get these pencils be sure to take a moment or two to explain to your child that it works because it has a seed in it.

Of course, you could turn this into a science project by getting the same type of seeds found in the pencil and compare growth. It wouldn't be a truly accurate test because the seeds would not be from the same batch.

I remember doing experiments similar when I was younger. Planting the same type of seed, in the same type of soil, same depth, and adding the same amount of water, but had variables like planting one with egg shells, one with apple slices, one with soil mixed with coffee grounds, and comparing growth. I see planting the seed with the pencil and without as a similar experiment.

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photo credit: Alice Henneman

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