Friday, March 10, 2017

Schools and Dress Codes

I'm sure by now many of you are aware of the Catholic High School and its 21-page-prom dress code book.  If not I will give you a short run down.

Catholic High School has released a 21-page dress code for prom. It's truly only 21 pages because it's presented in a powerpoint type format and has tons of pictures of what is and is not appropriate. In a nutshell it can be simplified as: keep it modest, keep it covered, and do not flaunt what the Lord has given you.  That's pretty much it. There is not really much more to it.

I also happen to be local to this Catholic High School. If I was to send my kids to a Catholic High School this is where they would be going. I'm disgusted with how my local media has portrayed the situation and with the national media for picking it up and flaunting it more and making it seem much more then what it is.

I'm also equally disgusted with how some of the parents and student body have handled it. Instead of accepting the rules and encouraging modesty -- after all that's all the school is asking for, which they rightly should, given it's a Catholic school -- they have decided to have an anti-prom. Or at least trying to. Several students are trying to raise funds for a venue and DJ. Why? So they can wear what they want!

It's a sad day when a Catholic School a school that should be promoting morals, modesty, chastity, and other Christian values is criticized by the media, student body, and parents for having rules that trying to enforce the values the school is supposed to be promoting/teaching.

It's sad that parents are not telling their children to dress modestly: keep your chest cover, keep your navel covered, make sure the dress is at least to your knees and slits and not above the knee.  Why? Does this have to be an issue? Why does this shock anyone? Why is there fight back for this? What's the big deal. There are several dresses that are nice......

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Plant A Pencil?

Plant A Pencil?
Scrolling around on Facebook I came across a pencil that you can plant and it will grow into a plant.
This brought back memories of when we planted socks, images of little ones wanting to plant coins to grow a money tree or planting jelly beans and other candies to grow candy plants.

While the idea is a novelty and I admit I want to buy the (affiliate link) herb pencils. It seems a bit silly. If you decide to get these pencils be sure to take a moment or two to explain to your child that it works because it has a seed in it.

Of course, you could turn this into a science project by getting the same type of seeds found in the pencil and compare growth. It wouldn't be a truly accurate test because the seeds would not be from the same batch.

I remember doing experiments similar when I was younger. Planting the same type of seed, in the same type of soil, same depth, and adding the same amount of water, but had variables like planting one with egg shells, one with apple slices, one with soil mixed with coffee grounds, and comparing growth. I see planting the seed with the pencil and without as a similar experiment.

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photo credit: Alice Henneman

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Beginnings; New Chapters

I know this blog is just an infant and with time it will grow! I am looking forward to my new chapter here. Just sharing a bit about my thoughts on things. It will be much like my old blog, but with a more wider net.

I felt like with Catholic Christian Homeschooling so many of the things I wanted to talk about didn't fit the "nitch" of the blog. I am no longer homeschooling my son, my daughter is in the mist of her freshman year. Sure there will be days were I will hop on and share the special things that are going on, but much of our days are the same. We get up, we do school, we run errands. Sometimes we do special activities, but most of the days doesn't seem "blog" worth.

We have our curriculum - it's pretty boring. She does most of the work herself and check in with me when she needs help. I'm not actively doing projects like we did when the kids were younger.  I enjoy homeschooling, I am happy my daughter is homeschooled -- I wish the same for my son -- I truly do; but it's pretty boring life.

I got onto Facebook several years ago, because I co-founded a local homeschool co-op/group and that group needed me to be on Facebook to help promote it, get the word out about it.  Facebook ended up sucking up much of my internet time and Catholic Christian Homeschooling went on the very, very back burner.

I have tried over the last year to blog there to bring it back -- but found that it just wasn't there. Yes, I wanted to blog about homeschooling and share my day, but I wanted to branch out and share just general homeschooling help. I also wanted to share MORE -- more than just homeschooling: I wanted to share beyond what the old blog was tailored for ... So Nikki's Thoughts On was born.

Doing this meant me re-branding my current social media channels. I didn't want to close those channels, I just wanted them to reflex the direction I was heading. In doing so my good friend Tina from Being Made New noticed the re-branding and we started to talk. We decided that it we should take action on something we have been talking about for YEARS.  We decided to launch a blog together. That blog primary focus will be homeschooling. It will be sharing what we love, but from a mentor status. This is something that I am happy to announce too.  Ditto, She Wrote.

It like Nikki's Thoughts On is a very infant blog, but we have great plans!

Monday, January 9, 2017